Gah! You Can Officially Book a Stay at the Original "Dirty Dancing" Hotel

Prepare to have the time of your life


Dirty Dancing fans, rejoice: We just found out it’s actually possible to book a stay at the Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke, Virginia--aka the fictional Kellerman Resort where Johnny (Patrick Swayze) fought hard to make sure that nobody put Baby (Jennifer Grey) in a corner.

Apparently, even though Hollywood wanted us to believe that the cult classic was shot in upstate New York, it was actually filmed at this gorgeous and rustic resort in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The hotel even offers an official Dirty Dancing Package, complete with a movie tour of all the filming locations and group dance lessons.

Still, the best part is that guests have the option to stay in the Virginia Cottage, which is the actual site where Baby and her family checked in and fought and made up.

Cue “Hungry Eyes” and book a room now.