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Listen: We’re not ones to buy into weird conspiracy theories about the illuminati and secret societies and time travel and all that, but these uncanny resemblances between modern-day stars and famous figures of old just may have us looking the other way.

celeb dopplegangers willis

bruce willis & general douglas macarthur

Something tells us never to ask Bruce Willis about his thoughts on communism.

celeb dopplegangers seren

serena williams & betty shabazz

Nothing like frequent grand slams to make the civil-rights movement proud.

celeb dopplegangers jones

Tommy Lee Jones & Andrew Johnson

Former president of the United States. Former Al Gore roommate. Same diff.

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celeb dopplegangers diamond

dustin diamond & joseph pulitzer

Only slightly different legacies in the media.

celeb dopplegangers thoreau

Ellen Degeneres & Henry David Thoreau

No words.

celeb dopplegangers einstein

Shia Labeouf & Young Albert Einstein 

Shia wishes.

celeb dopplegangers gylenhaal

maggie gyllenhaal & rose wilder lane

These two are both from famous families: Lane's mom was Laura Ingalls Wilder.

celeb dopplegangers reeves

Keanu Reeves & Paul Mounet

One was a French actor born in 1847; the other was in The Matrix. Both look perpetually broody.

celeb dopplegangers louis

Zach Galifianakis & Louis Vuitton

Style or a sense of humor: Take your pick.

celeb dopplegangers norris

Chuck Norris & Vincent Van Gogh

Both insinuate pain--but in very different ways.

celeb dopplegangers fillmore

Alec Baldwin & Millard Fillmore

What would America’s last Whig president have thought of Jack Donaghy’s politics?

celeb dopplegangers shakespeare

Paul Giamatti & William Shakespeare

Straight Outta Verona, coming soon to a theater near you.

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