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Some people can get away with the same look for decades. Pharrell comes to mind. (Seriously, what is that guy's secret?) Others have explored the magical world of blowouts, tweezers...and putting down said tweezers. Have a peek.

hair transformations tswift

taylor swift

Older, wiser, infinitely chicer. 

hair transformations jt

justin timberlake

Serious question: How much keratin does this guy use? (Not that we're complaining.)

hair transformation vb

Victoria Beckham

"Posh" meant something very different in 1999.

celeb transformations nicole kidman

Nicole Kidman

Have you hugged your stylist today?

hair transformations nicole

Nicole Richie

Always a fan of edgy do's, we've gotta say we prefer Richie's post-Simple Life style. 

hair transformations bolton

michael bolton

We could do without the earring, but bravo, sir. 

hair transformations drew

drew barrymore

Both on-trend for the times. But it is nice to see everyone currently embracing a brow gel.

celebrity transformations jimmy fallon

Jimmy Fallon

On the flip side: Somewhere between SNL and The Tonight Show, NBC must have discovered eyebrow threading. 

hair transformations clooney

George Clooney

Scissors: slow clap.

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