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The harmonies! The beats! The punny names! Before the Barden Bellas made a cappella mainstream in Pitch Perfect, these instrument-less geniuses were congregating around college campuses and singing for a very loyal but niche audience. But now, thanks to the interwebs, our favorite groups are going on tours, selling records and even performing for the president. Here are seven a cappella performances that will make you feel all the feels.

Gentleman's Rule “Cheerleader”

Remember that dorky group of guys who used to sing at Greek life functions? Well, they grew up to become (slightly less dorky) men who jada jada ding ding doo-ed their way onto a fancy yacht.

Pitch Slapped “Good Life”

The originators of the now infamous phrase, this co-ed group is a two-time winner of the ICCAs (aka the Super Bowl of the a cappella world) and has since been seen competing on America’s Got Talent and gearing up for a West Coast tour.

Pentatonix “Evolution of Music”

Quite arguably the biggest celebrities of the aca world, the Pentatonix are the full package. Case in point: This video in which they go through the history of music…and make history in the process with some of those high notes.

Twisted Measure “Chandelier”

Grab a yoga mat. Strike a child’s pose. And turn up the volume. This tune will make the rest of the world melt away.

AcaBelles “Royals”

Lorde have mercy. This stripped-down version of the mega pop hit put this all-female group on the map--and by “map” we mean CNN and Good Morning America. Not too shabby for a college group from FSU.

Virtuoso “Uptown Funk”

This Baylor University group somehow made this majorly overplayed song bearable with some smooth moves and a killer soloist. Fast-forward to the 1:30 mark for some insane beat boxing.

The Nor'easters ICCA Wildcard Submission

You might not think to describe an a cappella group as “badass,” but the Nor’easters are just that. They were even featured on John Legend’s reality a cappella show, Sing It On.

The Jabberwocks “Someone Like You”

OK, the sound quality’s not perfect here, but the emotional output will bowl you over for a good long cry you didn’t know you needed.

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