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Attention: Cat Cafes Are Invading NYC

There’s nothing like snuggling up to an adorable kitten. And then there’s the litter box. And the meowing while you’re trying to watch American Horror Story. And finding a sitter you want to jet off to St. Thomas. But with cat cafés popping up all over NYC, you can now get all of the snuggling with none of the responsibility. 

We already tipped you off about Meow Parlour, the first-ever NYC cat café, which allows visitors to hang out in a room full of roaming felines looking to be adopted. The only catch is you can’t actually purchase food or drinks there (only at their pastry shop across the street). Darn.

But at Koneko, a new cat café that recently opened on the Lower East Side, you can sip coffee with your new fluffy friends and there’s an outdoor garden and bar (now we’re talking). And with NYC’s third café, Little Lions, set to open this year, we’re going to go ahead and say this is a bona fide trend. It’s the cat’s pajamas. It’s claw-some. We’re going on Caturday. (Sorry, we’ll stop.)

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