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Committing to a new show to stream is hard, you guys. (Champagne problems.) But instead of settling for the third season of Parks and Rec for the fourth time, see what else you could be buzzing through on Hulu right now.

hulu mindy project

“The Mindy Project”

You know it. You love it. You were devastated when Fox didn’t renew it. Rejoice in the fact that the Mindy Kaling series returns as a Hulu original--tomorrow.

hulu resident advisors

“Resident Advisors”

Despite its familiar, Animal House-style tropes, this college dorm-set sitcom is easy, fun and requires very little commitment.

hulu hotwives

“The Hotwives”

This parody of the Real Housewives franchise (set in Orlando and Vegas) puts some of our comedy favorites (Casey Wilson, Angela Kinsey, Kristen Schaal) in outrageous situations to laugh-out-loud results.

hulu midnight


No Comedy Central? No problem. Catch all the episodes of Chris Hardwick’s Internet-centric faux game show. “Hashtag Wars” and “Tumblr? I Hardly Know Her” FTW.

hulu party down

“Party Down”

Canceled far too soon, this gem of a show had a killer cast (oh hey, Lizzy Caplan, Adam Scott, Jane Lynch) and is more than worth a watch.

hulu moone boy

“Moone Boy”

Created by, cowritten by and costarring Chris O’Dowd (you know, the cute cop from Bridesmaids), this semi-autobiographical Irish sitcom is a delight.

hulu seinfeld


Not under-the-radar by any means, but did you know every single episode is available on Hulu? You’re welcome.

hulu criterion

The Whole Criterion Collection

And if movies are more your thing, get ready for an arsenal of film legends. To start, check out Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, 8 ½ and Belle de Jour.

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