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It’s not like we’re obsessed with ourselves or anything, but there’s just something great about seeing our world perfectly illustrated on our favorite shows. But some TV just gets the whole living in L.A. thing a little better. Here are eight shows that totally get us.

Love 1105x543


A night on the town in L.A. has sure changed since Uber has taken away the necessity of needing a sober wingman a.k.a. designated driver. In this new Netflix comedy from Judd Apatow, heroine Mickey takes this reality to extremes by Ubering out at night under the influence of Ambien.


“Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce”

When girlfriend Jo starts a bakery, the cult of veganism gets spoofed. Hard.


“Doll & Em”

Once you make it big in Hollywood? Of course you’re going to hire your BFF as your assistant.


“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

Yes, they're in West Covina, but just like the gang of friends on this show, you know you’ve suggested going to Getty like, a million times--and they still insist on going to the beach. You’ll get there someday.



Your home isn’t a hotel for between-work pals, but sometimes, it might as well be.

Transparent 1105x543


Because an outdoor music festival is just another day in paradise for us.

Californication 1105x543


Oh, Hank Moody, you sexy New York transplant. We may not totally relate to your, um, lifestyle, but we’ve all been to that hazy party at a rocker’s house in the hills at least once.

Closer 1105x543

“The Closer”

Need to get to the other side of the 405 any time between 3 in the afternoon and 7 p.m.? You’ve experienced the stuck-in-traffic hassles that Atlanta-bred Detective Brenda Leigh Johnson is always carping about.