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Let’s be honest: Dating can be awesome (new restaurants, first kisses), but at times it can also be pretty miserable (strangers, halitosis). Maybe you’ll find your perfect match immediately. Or maybe you’ll have to endure more than a few awkward encounters. Whichever camp you’re in, though, we can all laugh about it. Here, five reasons why dating is the pits—and five reasons to look on the bright side.

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Your Beauty Game Is Consistently on Point
Fresh manicure and blowout? Check. Lash extensions are trending, you say? Sign us up.

But You Might Go Broke in the Process
Manicures, blowouts and lash extensions cost a lot of money? Whoops, didn’t quite think this one through. Here’s hoping he pays for dinner. #Chivalry

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You Have to Make Super-Forced Small Talk
On topics you really don’t care about.

But You’ve Never Been More Up on Current Events
Or pop culture. Or sports. Or anything—literally anything—that will cut down on awkward silences.


You Gain a Whole New Skill Set
After making sure every guy you meet for a drink has neither a criminal record nor a mullet, your sleuthing abilities are second to none. Anyone know if the CIA is hiring?

But You Don’t Want Him to Know How Much You Know
No, no, I totally didn’t realize that your sister’s husband has the same name as my brother or that your parents just got back from Barcelona or that your fraternity house had a pet mini pig named Coconut.

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You Get to Experience All the Relationship “Firsts”
You know, first day date, first vacation, first (and hopefully last) camping trip.

But You Also Don’t Really Know His Deal Yet
Does it always take him this long to text back? Is it weird that he still hasn’t introduced me to his mom? The uncertainty is punishing.

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You Face the Inevitable Moment When You’re Not Sure How to Say Good-bye
Are we hugging? Kissing on the cheek? Lips? Full-on make-out? Your place or mine? Panic ensues.

But If It Goes Wrong, You and Your Pals Will Get a Good Laugh Out of It
Depending on how wrong it goes, that laugh could last a very, very long time.


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