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Fact: Once you live in the Gold Coast, it’s hard to leave. (Especially on game days. No way would you hop on the Red Line then.) We’ve got the best fitness studios and salons, the hottest restaurants, amazing views of the lake and, oh, a funky piano bar. There’s really no need to venture outside the neighborhood, right?

Nodding your head in agreement? Then you’re a true Gold Coaster. Here, 28 other ways you know you live in the Gold Coast.

Lou Malnati’s/Facebook

1. You’re still mourning the loss of the State Street Anthropologie.

2. But let’s face it: You’re not complaining about a Lou Malnati’s in walking distance.

3. You also miss Ashkenaz Deli. But you’ve accepted Goddess and Grocer’s matzo ball soup into your heart.


4. You have a membership to the Peninsula Spa and fitness center. But mainly, it’s so you can have cocktails by the pool.

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5. When you must work out, you power through a Core Fusion class at Exhale.

6. Or see your trainer at Equinox.


7. But you’re not a saint. You’ve been known to indulge in elaborate Yogurtland creations. (Wait, my cup costs that much?)…

8. Or you just go in for free samples. Especially when pistachio is available.


9. Maple & Ash is your go-to spot for dinner and drinks.

10. But when late-night cravings hit, you secretly miss the 24-hour Subway.

11. So you get your after-midnight grub at Tempo.

12. Because you don’t just want, you need an omelet at 2 a.m., dammit!


13. You’re a devoted Treasure Island shopper.

14. But sometimes you shop at Plum Market. (That salad bar.)


15. You don’t understand the fuss over Halal Guys.

16. And you’d never wait in line for a Sprinkles cupcake.

17. But you have tried out the Cupcake ATM. And even gotten cupcakes for your pooch.

18. Speaking of which, your dog weighs 15 pounds or less.

19. And has a Jonathan Adler water dish.


20. Oak Street shopping or bust.

21. You can’t remember the last time you set foot in a bar on Rush or Division.

22. Because you actually can’t remember it.

23. But you will consciously throw down at the Zebra Lounge.

Julie Kartes Photography

24. Your doorman was at your wedding.

25. Because you married him (just kidding, but you do kinda have a crush on him).

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26. And you wouldn’t dream of cheating on your hairstylist at George the Salon.

27. OK, so you get your color done at Salon 110, too. But the two stylists don’t know about each other. And you’re keeping it that way.

28. Though you splurge on hair, you like your manicures cheap. In fact, you have to run--you have a 5:30 appointment at Azure.