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21 Ways You Know Youre a True Dallasite

Whether you are a fourth-generation resident or landed at Love Field two weeks ago, there are certain things about living in this city that just make you a Dallasite. Here are 21 of them (none of which have to do with how big your hair is).

1. You think everything north of the Galleria is Oklahoma.

2. You’re quick to correct people when they say Jessica Simpson is from Dallas. (She’s from Richardson, OK?)

3. You agree that Saturday mornings are for walking Katy Trail, then brunching off Travis.

4. You get weekly blowouts.

5. You take your fur babies to daycare…

6. But would never dream of sending your kids.

7. You know not to shop at Northpark on a Saturday (tourists…sigh).

8. Your contact list includes at least one personal shopper from Tootsies.

9. You don’t sweat when it hits 100 degrees…

10. But throw on ten layers when the temp dips to 50 degrees.

11. You’ve gone to Frisco only to shop at Ikea.

12. You don white denim all summer long…

13. And when Labor Day hits, all white denim goes into storage (you’re a Southern lady, after all).

14. Your conversations revolve around real estate. Seriously, you starting talking about Trader Joe’s and ended up talking about the seller's markets we’re in.

15. You refuse to give out your housekeeper’s contact information…

16. But ask for references for a new housekeeper every chance you get.

17. You buy all your household goods online (ah, convenience)…

18. But you spend hours at Whole Foods walking the wine and cheese aisles.

19. You remember where the old Hard Rock Café was--but never actually ate or drank there.

20. You loathe the bumper-to-bumper on 635 and the Dallas North Tollway and Woodall Rodgers…

21. But you have no problem sitting in traffic after a Rangers game at Globe Life Park.

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