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Tylers and Jessicas come and go. Carolines and Michaels are always on-trend. And some names--like "Amaro," or “Hazel” or “Francis”—just might be a sign that you were born in 2015.

Here, some of the top naming trends for this past year.


Instagram Filters Now Make For Acceptable Names

Whereas parents used to name their offspring after rivers or cities or famous literary characters, now they name them after… Instagram filters. For boys, the names Lux, Ludwig, Amaro and Ryes are all up in the charts. And for girls, the names Valencia, Juno and Willow are climbing. (“Slumber” and “Inkwell” are thankfully not on the list.)

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Gender Neutrality Reigns Supreme

See ya, Leslie and Jaime. In 2015, names like Carson, Amari, Sawyer and Phoenix were the gender neutral names of choice. Even celebs got on board--like Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, who named their daughter Wyatt.


YA Fiction Is Super Influential (For Girls)

Hazel (from The Fault in Our Stars), Eleanor (from Eleanor & Park) and Hermione (from Harry Potter, duh) all rose in the ranks. It’s also worth noting that Rainbow--as in YA author Rainbow Rowell--is up 30 percent.


Marijuana is Trending (For Boys)

The names Bud and Haze rose 69 and 62 percent, respectively. (Though the name Buzz has sadly been on the decline since the mid-90s.)


The Pope is Dope

Francis is up 5 percent on the list of popular boy names. So get ready for a bunch of adorable little Frankies to hit the playground come 2021.

All data courtesy of Babycenter.

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