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It doesn’t matter if anyone else realizes it--we know the truth: winter in San Francisco beats living in pretty much any other city. From our wardrobes to our whale-watching excursions, here are 14 reasons we’re never leaving the City by the Bay, especially not at this time of year.


1. When it’s 72 and sunny in the middle of February, you can find us lounging in a T-shirt in Dolores Park.

2. A cold snap means 48 degrees. No need to invest in a thousand-dollar sub-zero coat here.

3. But it’s still cool enough to rock those new ankle booties.

4. We never, ever have to worry about snow. Shoveling it, scraping it or whatever else you have to do with snow that we’ve never done.


5. But… if we do want snow, we need only drive a few hours east to Tahoe.

6. We don’t require a separate winter wardrobe. It’s called layering.

7. The winter rain is the perfect excuse to stay inside and cuddle up with a good book.


8. Rooftop and patio season is, well, every season.

9. Winter is a great time to sip an Irish coffee at the notoriously touristy Buena Vista Café.

10. It?s also whale-watching time. And whales are the best. Period.


11. Wine country is pleasantly free of tourists. Go. Sip. Now.

12. The best indie bands come to town for the annual Noise Pop music festival (February 19 to 28). February is bleak? Not here.

13. The SF Ballet is back in business. "Swan Lake"  has not frozen over.


14. The city goes wild for the Chinese New Year. Filling up on dumplings, dim sum and maybe a couple of cocktails at the dive-y Li Po Lounge is quintessentially winter in San Francisco. Who would ever want to leave that?

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