You know your way around our city and accept its quirks as your own. But between advances in technology, traffic and self-obsession, there’s a host of new customs that Angelenos embrace. These include the latest lifestyle gadgets--apps! Butt cameras!--and habits that make us such a silly, wonderful bunch.

Which of these little hacks--concerning driving, dining and other L.A. essentials--are you down with?

Burger 597x430

1. You can recite the entire secret menu at In-N-Out, from animal style (chopped meat) to the Flying Dutchman burger (two cheese slices between two beef patties).

2. You argue aloud with crowdsourced map apps, and try to beat their estimated time of arrival.

3. You’ve used the “ass camera” at America Rag to assess (!) potential jean purchases. 

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4. You can’t help but have a Google Chat with snowbound East Coasters while sitting at a palm-tree-lined sidewalk café in Santa Monica.

5. You’ve chosen your makeup based on SPF factor and ease with which you can put it on while jammed on the 101. 

6. Rather than get caught in the pre- and post-show mayhem at the Greek Theatre, you know to dine at All’Acqua, then have them shuttle you over.

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7. You make next-level selfies that are aerial video shots of you jogging Runyon Canyon from newly-affordable drones.

8. A friend from out of state calls to tell you she's in town and would like to get together. However, since you’re both on separate sides of the 405, you explain that it would just be easier for you to fly to see her when she gets back home.

9. When someone’s discussing the imminent refugee crisis, you think they’re talking about New Yorkers moving here.

Juice 479x629

10. You don’t bat an eyelash at paying double digits for a fruit juice, and carefully monitor your water’s alkalinity.

11. You’ve seriously enlisted the services of one or more of the following: a crystal healer, a shaman, a sound bath practitioner, a primal scream therapist, a Reiki master or an astrologer.

12. You say “Eff all that driving around” by using the Parker app, a real-time map readout of lots and street parking available throughout Los Angeles.

13. You think the drought is terrible, but Godzilla El Niño will be worse.

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