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Sure, your legs are tanned, your abs are toned and you’re suddenly the target of every single beer and/or shampoo commercial. But otherwise, being in your 20s kinda…sucks. Here, 13 reasons we’re super happy to have moved on.


1. You will never again be peer-pressured into going to a bar called O’Shea’s and talk-screaming over “Dave from B.U.”

2. Related: You will no longer wake up at noon with mascara down your face. (Or, worst case scenario: Dave in your bed.)


3. Nobody expects you to pull off neon. Or bangs. Or trucker hats.

4. Say it with us now: dinner parties.


5. When Friday night rolls around, you’re actually thrilled to stay in.

6. Because, let’s face it--your house is awesome and you own a couch that’s not a hand-me-down from Jimmy’s brother’s girlfriend’s mom.


7. You have more than $16 in your checking account.

8. And a job you’re actually proud to explain to your grandma.

9. And the self-confidence to ask for a “table for one” (even if it’s just at an airport bar).


10. You think being kind is more important than being cool.

11. And you kinda don’t care that your ex-boyfriend married a pretty lawyer and got a Goldendoodle. (Your rescue Chiweenie is better than both of them.)


12. You finally understand your body--what makes it sing, what makes it relax, what makes it bloat.

13. And to that end, you're finally wearing the right bra size. [Raises roof. Does moonwalk.]

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