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Have you ever noticed that East Coasters have very strong impressions of San Francisco, whether they’ve been here or not? Sure, some of the clichés are true--we are mega coffee snobs and love a sturdy pair of Frye boots no matter the occasion--but there’s a lot that people back East just don’t seem to understand about what it’s really like to live here. So we decided to set the record straight.Herewith, our list of undeniable truths.

1. First things first, no one who lives here calls the city San Fran. Amiright? It’s a dead giveaway that you’re an out-of-towner.

2. Fact: Rent in San Francisco is more expensive than in Manhattan. And if any of your smarty-pants NYC friends doubts that, just point them to this report. Booyah.

3. We don’t all work in tech. Hoodie doesn't equal software programmer, people.

4. Have you met Karl the Fog? (Yes, it has its own name and Instagram.) He comes to visit every summer and never fails to send tourists running to Fisherman’s Wharf for sweatshirts.

5. We’re not all pot-smoking hippies. Alaska, Vermont and Colorado actually beat out SF for number of stoners per capita.

6. This isn’t L.A., folks. Our beaches are all hoodies, wool hats and wet suits--not bikinis and sundresses--to keep us from freezing to death.

7. We’re not all far-left-leaning liberals…which explains Arnold Schwarzenegger’s eight-year run as governor.

8. No balmy evenings here. You always, always, need a scarf and jacket at night.

9. We may eat a lot of avocados and prefer our juice cold-pressed, but we like to offset that by hitting up some of the best sweetshops in the country, like Susie Cakes, Kara’s Cupcakes, Doughnut Dolly, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse and Miette. (Everything in moderation, you know.)

10. You heard that right: Ski week is an actual thing. Every February, schoolkids in the Bay Area get seven days off and their parents whisk them away to Tahoe, Park City and Telluride to hit the slopes.

11. We know a quake could strike at any time, but we’re not all packing up and moving out for fear of the next Big One. This is California, after all--and we’ve got our earthquake kits ready.

12. The West Coast is definitely the best coast--no doubt about it.

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