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We love books and we don’t care who knows it. Whether it’s a cool, old bookstore or a package on our doorstep from Amazon, a funny memoir or a gripping murder mystery, we don’t discriminate where words are concerned. That’s why we understand--as you should--these 19 uniquely bookish feelings.

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1. You have, on occasion, related to fictional characters more than real people.
Lizzie Bennet just gets us, you guys.

2. And you totally judge people based on the books they're reading.
Just say no to dudes who quote Norman Mailer. 

3. Speaking of judging: Books can and should be judged by their covers.
Pretty fonts matter, people.

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4. When you're going away, most of your luggage is filled with reading material.
Looks like we’re wearing the same shoes the whole trip…

5. There is no smell like the smell of an old book.
And no thrill like catching a whiff of it in an old bookstore.

6. You know that stacks of books make great decor.
What? It’s not like you’d get rid of any of them.

7. And that there are two types of people in the world: Those who read paper and those who use Kindles.
You have strong feelings about your tribe.

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8. You pray that your favorite novel never gets turned into a movie.
Because let’s be honest: It’s never as good.

9. You know there’s a special place in hell for people who spoil endings.
Betrayal of the utmost severity.

10. You relish the moment when you see someone reading something you loved.
And you weirdly get really excited for them to find out how it ends.

11. You hate making the difficult decision to abandon a book that’s just not doing it for you.
It’s not you, it’s me, Elena Ferrante. 

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12. TFW you finish an awesome book and need so badly to talk it out with someone, but no one you know has read it and arrrrrrgh.
Thank God for Reddit.

13. Or when you devour a novel only to realize it has an incredibly disappointing ending.
How could you do this to us, Girl on the Train?

14. You’ve been known to scrimp on sleep because you just have to read that next chapter.
Eight hours, schmeight hours. We’ve got plotlines to worry about.

15. And to storm around angrily when everyone in the world is obsessed with a book you hated.
Or when one you adore gets crappy reviews.

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16. You get REAL emotional in public when something big happens.
We’ve cried on airplanes too many times to count at this point.

17. And wait really impatiently for your favorite author to release something new.
Zadie Smith, are you listening?

18. You know that reading in bed means having to change position every 15 minutes because your neck/back/arms get numb.
Painful, but worth it.

19. And when asked, “What’s your favorite book?” it’s basically the hardest choice you’ve ever had to make.
“OK, what about my seven favorite books?”

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