Blessed Be the Fruit! 'The Handmaid's Tale' Sequel from Margaret Atwood Is Here

Under his eye (and by his, we mean our boss), we're going to head out to the bookstore during our lunch break, just so we can pick up a new copy of The Testaments.

Margaret Atwood's latest novel, a long-awaited sequel to The Handmaid's Tale, was released today. The Testaments is available to purchase on Amazon, and picks up 15 years after the end of The Handmaid's Tale, which came out in 1985, according to Variety.

Last week, Atwood, Hulu and MGM announced that the then-unreleased novel would be developed for the small screen like its Elisabeth Moss–starring predecessor. Bruce Miller, who serves as showrunner on the award-winning Handmaid’s Tale, is exploring how best to adapt the material and is still deciding if it will be rolled into the existing Hulu series or if it will be developed as something else entirely.

Although The Testaments exists in the same universe as The Handmaid’s Tale, Offred will not be at its center. Instead, the story will revolve around three other women with a connection to Gilead. One is a young woman who was raised within the confines of Gilead, another is a Canadian teenager who learns she was born in the oppressive regime and another is—wait for it—the fearsome Aunt Lydia (played by Anne Dowd in the series).

But don't break out your red robes and white bonnets just yet. The book jacket features a striking green ensemble.

“There [are] some new costume choices in this book,” said Atwood during a press conference in London. “Human beings throughout time love outfits that tell you who you’re looking at, like football teams and things like that. So yes, we have some new outfits.”

Praise be: We can't wait to coordinate our #BookSelfie with the new color scheme.

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