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When Your Girlfriend Getaway Goes Terribly Wrong

How would you handle yourself if it were just you and your besties in a life-or-death struggle in the wild?

(And no, we’re not talking about finding a signal to post your selfie.)

That’s the rub in The River at Night, a high-stakes drama set against the harsh and beautiful Maine wilderness.

Author Erica Ferencik is a great new voice in fiction who is deft at keeping the suspense high. But this story isn’t just a thrill ride: It’s a knowing—and by turns funny and wise—look at how women relate to one another.

Narrator Wini, who is seeking refuge from the passing of her beloved brother as well as the demise of her 15-year marriage, has reservations about heading off the grid with her fellow travelers. Bullied wife Sandra, risk-taking Pia and alcohol-abusing Rachel have their own issues, too, but everyone sets out to enjoy hiking and rafting. When a freak accident leaves the women stranded, long-buried secrets emerge and lifelong allegiances are put to the test.

While Wini doesn't get her vacation in The River at Night, she (and you, dear reader) get a wild adventure that’s fast and unforgettable.

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