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We’ve already established that summer reading is one of the best kinds of reading, but what if you’re not down with committing to an entire novel? Read something shorter (but equally entertaining), like one of these nine articles that we loved this month.


If your childhood was scored by the Mister Softee jingle...

Read about the highly dramatic ice-cream-truck turf wars in NYC. (The New York Times)


If you’re freaked out by even the tiniest spider...

Read about how some people with autoimmune disorders are attempting to treat themselves by willingly swallowing parasites. (The New York Times Magazine)


If you can quote every single line from “The Devil Wears Prada” verbatim...

Read a juicy oral history of the hit film on its tenth anniversary. (Variety)


If you are simultaneously entertained and befuddled by Kim Kardashian...

Read an excellent interview with one of the most famous women in the world. (GQ)


If you devoured “The Girl On the Train” and “Gone Girl”...

Read about how women are writing the best crime novels right now. (The Atlantic)


If you hate to admit you loved Justin Bieber’s last album...

Read about the reasons why we like what we like. (The Guardian)


If you think “Orange Is the New Black” is totally made up...

Read a shocking account of four months spent undercover as a private prison guard. (Mother Jones)


If you think you’re a well-rounded person...

Read about the Stanford business school student who also has a Yale law degree and coaches pageant contestants. (GQ)


If you feel like you live at your office...

Read about how long working hours have become a mark of privilege. (The Week)

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