‘The Pocket Guide to Bad Boyfriends’ Is the Best Single-Girl Valentine's Day Gift

When it comes to Valentine's Day, folks are typically firmly planted in one of two camps: The camp that loves love and gets giddy at the prospect of flowers, chocolates and stuffed bears; and the camp for whom the best part of the holiday are the February candy sales.

A new book, The Pocket Guide to Bad Boyfriends by Ruby Turner (with illustrations by Simon Coleman), was made for the latter group.

Subtitled “How to Identify 40 Types of Boys Gone Wrong,” the book is filled with witty illustrations, interactive checklists and quizzes that will delight anyone who's been spurned by the modern dating scene.

In it, you'll be introduced (or reintroduced) to guys like the Midlife Crisis Man, the Fixer-Upper, the Couch Potato and more, all accompanied by Manga-style illustrations and advice on how to spot—and avoid—each type.

Special features include a handy “not-to-be-confused-with” section to help you steer clear of crucial errors in boyfriend-handling. For example, “The Hipster” (“only listens to vinyl; owns a typewriter”) isn't to be confused with “The Activist,” “The Artist” or “Jake Gyllenhaal.”

Get it for your friend who's deleted and re-downloaded Tinder more times than you can count, your unlucky-in-love work wife or yourself. Then spend February 14 laughing about it with a nice, big glass of wine and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you've dodged so many bullets.

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