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If you’re like us (and most of the book-reading world) you fell in love with Emma Straub’s knack for sharp observations and vividly drawn characters in 2014’s smash hit The Vacationers.

You’re probably also eagerly awaiting the release of her newest novel, Modern Lovers. And we’re thrilled to tell you that it doesn’t disappoint.

Set in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn (only a touch less glamorous than The Vacationers’ Mallorca), Modern Lovers focuses on Andrew, Elizabeth and Zoe, longtime friends who were in a semi-successful rock band in college (at Oberlin, duh) with another friend, Lydia. When Lydia died of an overdose at 27, she obtained a kind of gone-too-soon legacy that now has Hollywood clamoring to make a movie about her life--so long as the remaining members of the band sign off on the rights to their songs.

As they think back to their own college years, Andrew and Elizabeth (now married) and Zoe (and her wife, Jane) are forced to confront all those midlife-crisis things that can be so easy to ignore, like divorce, career dissatisfaction and your teenage kids becoming sexually active (a particularly funny set of passages).

A gentle and quirky story about growing up and letting go, Modern Lovers is the perfect summer read: It’s breezy yet relatable and wildly entertaining.

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