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Has a friend ever come to you for advice, whether about her job or her love life, and you were too scared to be totally honest with her, for fear of jeopardizing your relationship?

We’ve definitely been there, which is why we were so refreshed by How to Be a Person in the World, a new book of advice by Heather Havrilesky, the funny and candid woman behind the popular “Ask Polly” advice column in New York magazine.

A compilation of a few already-published columns and a slew of new ones, How to Be a Person in the World is jam-packed with hilariously frank and useful words of wisdom on everything from jobs and relationships to overbearing mothers (and mothers-in-law).

Each chapter is broken out by reader question--say "Do I have to invite my sister's hot new boyfriend to my wedding?" or "Am I too weird to ever fall in true love?"--and then followed up with Havrilesky's clever response. This makes for perfect pick-up-put-down reading.

Havrilesky’s voice is a breath of fresh air: She doesn’t shy away from touchy subjects (like sexual assault or mourning a parent’s death) and refuses to sugarcoat, like when she bluntly admonishes a cheating husband who tries to blame his actions on his wife’s lack of sex drive.

Perhaps most comforting is the way that she makes you feel like it’s OK not to have every aspect of your life worked out, no matter your age or station in life.

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