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A Fabulous Essay Collection from One of Our Favorite Funny Ladies
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Phoebe Robinson’s first book, You Can’t Touch My Hair, easily earned a spot on our list of the 50 funniest books we’ve ever read. Her sophomore outing, Everything’s Trash, But It’s OK, is even better. 

Robinson is a writer, comedian, actress and podcast host. (Her show with Jessica Williams, 2 Dope Queens recently wrapped up a three-year run, but her solo podcast, Sooo Many White Guys is alive, well and more than worth a listen.) Like You Can’t Touch My HairEverything’s Trash is a collection of essays that tackles issues—serious and not so serious—all with Robinson’s trademark wit, smarts and abbreviations (Zara becomes “Zar Zar Binks,” while social media is “sosh meeds”). 

On the more serious side are essays like "Feminism, I Was Rooting for You; We Were All Rooting for You." Despite its joke-y, America’s Next Top Model-derived title, this part of the book dives into the 2016 election and white women’s reluctance to embrace intersectional feminism. Robinson opens up about feeling conflicted over attending the Women’s March and offers suggestions for what white women—the gatekeepers of feminism—can do to support all female-identifying people.

Throughout, Robinson is crazy-relatable, whether she’s getting candid about struggling financially and trying to conceal the fact that she’s struggling financially or rattling off “An Incomplete List of All the Ways Being a Woman Is Ridic.” (Spoiler: Hair ties that leave deep indentations on your wrists, being asked if you’re sick when you’re not wearing makeup and pants that have fake pockets.)

But don’t worry: Despite the book’s title, everything isn’t trash. In fact, there’s a whole section devoted to the “Top Ten Non-Trash Moments” of Robinson’s life. A few of those? Figuring out how to tip at a restaurant without a calculator, the knowledge that Solange Knowles keeps a copy of your book at her house and meeting Julia Roberts for a swim lesson off the coast of Croatia. (Casual.) 

Basically, Robinson is like the Nora Ephron of the selfie generation.

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