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They say you should do what you love, and what you really love is reading. In that case, consider one of the following seven careers that are totally perfect for bookworms.

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book jobs lib
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OK, let’s start off with the most obvious one. Libraries certainly aren’t as popular as they once were, but they’re still around (thank goodness) and need to be staffed. Be aware, though, that working in this field means way more than wearing glasses and sweaters and shushing people—many librarians actually have a master’s degree from the American Library Association.

Along with a love for reading, anyone with strong researching and writing skills should consider becoming an archivist—essentially a person who identifies, preserves and organizes records of enduring value. In order to successfully frame records and documents in historical context, many employers require candidates to have a master’s in library sciences.

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book jobs editor
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Copy Editor
If you love reading and correcting people’s mistakes, get you’re your red pen out and become a copy editor, who’s whose main job is to look at a text and improve on it’s its formatting, style and—sometimes—accuracy. Grammar slackers need not apply.

Despite having similar titles, copy editors and editors serve very different purposes. Where a copy editor’s main job is to ensure accuracy and readability toward the end of the book-publishing process, editors get involved much earlier on and play a crucial role in shaping the book into something they think will be successful. Editors are also tasked with convincing publishers a title is worth the investment and even working with marketing teams to get the book in front of as many eyes as possible.

Working for—you guessed it—publishing houses, publishers basically evaluate a ton of manuscripts and select what books get published. They’re also involved in planning cover designs and marketing efforts. This is a great job for people who love books and reading but are also interested in creative fields like art direction and the more business-y aspects of the industry.

book jobs review
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Book Reviewer
You’re reading books anyway; why not get paid to read them? That’s at the core of what book reviewers do. Whether you work for a publication like The New York Times or start your own book blog, reviewing new titles is an amazing way to be reading all the time—usually books that most people won’t have access to for months.

Literary Agent
Being an agent is a terrific way to make your mark in the lit world through, basically, trying to make a writer’s book as successful as possible by facilitating the publication process and generally serving as an advocate for the authors you represent. In addition to a passion for books and reading, agents have to have a strong mind for business (which, let’s be honest, many writers don’t).

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