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As a kid, going back to school was bittersweet: You got to spend every day with your friends, but you also had to, you know, learn. As an adult, you probably appreciate the latter quite a bit more. So why not work your brain muscles a bit by reading these seven terrific articles about everything from the Kardashians’ inner circle (we know, but it’s interesting) to teaching yourself to be good at math.

RestaurantCritic v2

If you’ve ever written (or rolled your eyes at) a Yelp review...

Read about life as The New York Times’ restaurant critic. (The New Yorker)


If you watch any and every rom-com no matter when it is or where you are...

Read about how the genre has changed since the advent of the Internet. (BuzzFeed)


If you’re trying to eat healthier...

Read about what the real culprit is when it comes to sabotaging your diet. (The New York Times)


If math was always your worst subject in school...

Read about how one woman rewired her brain to become fluent in math—in her late twenties. (Nautilus)


If you’re still reeling over the Brangelina breakup...

Read about how meticulously Angelina Jolie has crafted her public image over the past decades. (BuzzFeed)

ny mag

If you can’t go five seconds without checking your phone...

Read about what the constant bombardment of our brains by news, gossip and information is doing to us. (New York Magazine)


If you keep up with the Kardashians...

Read about their friend Jonathan Cheban’s weird budding career as a food Snapchatter. (GQ)

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