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Life is full of little moments of waiting. Waiting for the train, waiting for your kids to be done with soccer practice... Instead of scrolling through Facebook for the hundredth time, try a short article you can read in just a few minutes. Smartest decision ever.

gq fashion week boy 13 books articles 11.3

If you thought your childhood was cool...

Read about a 13-year-old who made a splash at Paris Fashion Week who will make your early years seem super lame in comparison. (GQ)

rip twitter vine books best articles october 11.3

If you're confused by the news of Twitter shutting down Vine...

Watch a compilation of the funniest Vines (they’re 6-second videos) and understand why some people are bummed. (Quartz)

marina abramovic books articles 11.3
Ruven Afanador/NY Mag

If you're confused by performance art as a general concept...

Read about the medium's most famous practitioner, Marina Abramovic, as she approaches 70. (NY Magazine)

zadie smith books articles 11.3
Jackie Nickerson/the New York Times

If you're as obsessed with Zadie Smith as we are...

Read a great profile of her by Middlesex author Jeffrey Eugenides. (T Magazine)

kahlo and kardashian books articles 11.3
The Rumpus

If you think the Kardashians are low-brow...

Read about how their “art” is surprisingly similar to that of the much more highly respected Frida Kahlo. (The Rumpus)

elle ballerina books articles 11.3

If you don't plan on retiring until, like, 70...

Read about what it’s like, as a professional ballerina, to have your career virtually end in your 30s. (Elle)

fake laugh books articles 11.3
Credit Cari Vander Yacht/The New York Times

If you aren't always sincere when you type “LOL”...

Read about the fascinating science and psychology behind fake laughter. (The New York Times)

girl titles books articles 11.3
Five Thirty Eight

If you read “Gone Girl” and “The Girl on the Train” in one sitting...

Read about why there are so many books with “Girl” in the title. (Five Thirty Eight)

poebe robinson books articles 11.3
Gretchen Robinette for BuzzFeed News

If You Loved “Yes Please” and “Bossypants”...

Read about the latest in the funny-women-writing-funny-essays genre You Can’t Touch My Hair, and its hysterical author, comedian Phoebe Robinson. (Buzzfeed)

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