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A ton of fabulous books came out in February, and while we’ve certainly enjoyed them, we’ve also loved some of the equally fantastic pieces of long-form journalism published recently. For more on everything from Scientology to Guy Fieri, scroll on down.

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longform 1
The Guardian

If you can barely remember what you had for dinner yesterday...

Read about the 60 people worldwide living with a fascinating condition called highly superior autobiographical memory, or HSAM. (The Guardian)

longform 2
Pat Barrett/Longreads

If you're as fascinated by Scientology as we are...

Read about its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, and his prolific career as a science fiction writer. (Longreads)

longform 3

If you've always wondered why some people are so damn likable...

Read about the anatomy of charisma. (Nautilus)

longform 4
Joao Canziani/New York Magazine

If you have a pair of Stan Smith sneakers in your closet...

Read about how the real-life Stan Smith (a former tennis player) knows you probably don’t know who he is. (New York Magazine)

longform 5

If you're still mourning Hiddleswift (Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston)...

Read a funny and revealing profile of the male half of the pair. (GQ)

longform 6
Cristiana Couceiro/New York Times

If you get mad when you hold the door for someone and they don't thank you...

Read about the continued fraying of social contracts in the age of rudeness. (New York Times Magazine)

longform 9
Damien Maloney/Munchies

If the Food Network is basically your religion...

Read a super in-depth (and sometimes inadvertently hilarious) profile of one of its stars, Guy Fieri. (Munchies)

longform 8
Roads & Kingdoms

If you went to high school football games as a kid...

Read about a team that’s virtually indistinguishable from your home town’s—except it's from a rough neighborhood in the most polluted city in the Ukraine. (Roads & Kingdoms)

longform 7

If you think tiny versions of regular items are the cutest...

Read about why miniature things are so damn appealing. (Harper’s)

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