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Here at PureWow, we love our readers. How could we not? You’re smart and funny and loyal. In that spirit, we got you a holiday gift: Nine terrific articles published in the last month that are more than worth a read.

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december longform fusion
Melody Newcomb/Fusion

If you aren’t so good at “adulting”...

Read about a boot camp in Illinois where grown men and women can go to learn how to be functioning members of society. (Fusion)

december longform bloomberg
Bloomberg Businessweek

If you get really excited about Instagram likes...

Read about what it takes to be one of the platform’s most popular users. (Bloomberg Businessweek)

december longform bbc

If you’re not really sure what the vitamins you take are even doing...

Read about how many of them are actually largely ineffective. (BBC)

december longform lenny
Louise Reimer/Lenny

If you miss the days of believing in Santa...

Read about one writer?s nostalgia surrounding the annual getting and decorating of the Christmas tree. (Lenny)

december longform atlantic
Mauricio Alejo/The Atlantic

If you can’t remember the last time you got a solid eight hours...

Read a helpful guide from a physician on how to sleep. (The Atlantic)

december longform outline

If you’ve ever gasped watching someone perform a death-defying stunt on YouTube...

Read about the dangerous pressure social media puts on extreme athletes. (The Outline)

december longform gq
Richard Avedon/GQ

If you still miss Prince (a lot)...

Read a collection of stories about the late legend written by his friends. (GQ)

december longform buzzfeed
Christopher Testani/Buzzfeed News

If you’re as obsessed with Ina Garten as we are...

Read about how her life is just as picture-perfect as you imagine it is. (Buzzfeed)

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