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When you meet someone new, there are certain red flags to look out for--whether it’s a girl who only has guy friends or a guy who still lives with his parents. Something else to look out for? A person who a) doesn’t have a favorite book or b) has a really weird favorite book. Read on to see what your go-to says about you.

books eatpraylove1
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Eat Pray Love
Your most active Pinterest board is called “Inspiration Is Everywhere” and is full of quotes that may or may not be misattributed.

Pride and Prejudice
most active Pinterest board is called “My Big Day (One Day),” and is a semi-creepy ode to a man you haven’t met yet but totally will soon. (These things always work out, right?)

The Goldfinch
You know that person who doesn’t follow baseball the entire season but then jumps on the bandwagon during the playoffs to root for the favorite? Yep, that’s you.

books infinite jest

Infinite Jest
One thousand seventy-nine: The number of pages in Infinite Jest. One thousand seventy-eight: The number of people you’ve told that Infinite Jest is your favorite book.

Oh, the Places You'll Go
You think heaven is a leadership convention.

You carry your NPR tote bag with the logo facing outward.

books gonegirl
20th Century Fox

Gone Girl
You were a literate human in 2012. Also, your significant other might have cause for concern.

The Fault in Our Stars
You cry at laundry detergent commercials and use the term “Friendsgiving” without apology.

books bossypants
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You’re smart, witty and don’t take yourself too seriously. And you totally have an Amy Poehler-like partner in crime.

The Hobbit
You know all the rules to Magic: The Gathering.

books 50shades
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Fifty Shades of Grey
You are desperately hoping your husband notices this book sitting on your nightstand.

The Catcher in the Rye
You either had a really crappy time in high school or haven’t read a book since high school, when Mrs. Anderson forced this snoozefest on you like it was her job. (It was.)

The Odyssey, Atlas Shrugged or anything else you think seems smart and deep
You're a liar. 

books franco

As I Lay Dying 
You’re James Franco.

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