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This Beach Read Has Rolling Waves and Gasp-Inducing Mystery
She knows she saw a murder...or did she?

What’s a poor travel journalist to do when she’s on a week-long luxury cruise...and she witnesses a terrible crime (one that nobody on board even thinks happened)?

That’s the question in The Woman in Cabin 10, the new novel from best-selling author Ruth Ware, just out in paperback.

The journalist in question is Laura Blacklock, and she’s not necessarily the most likable heroine. (She’s kind of a drinker... and she isn’t especially nice to her well-meaning boyfriend back home.) But she’s relatable and quick, which is why you can’t stop your heart from racing as she speeds along toward the don’t-see-it-coming final twist.

Read it now. Just make sure you do so from the dry safety of your beach blanket.

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