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Do you really have to resolve all of your childhood issues, examine all of your feelings and continue to face all of your demons in order to have a happy, meaningful life? The father-daughter duo behind F*ck Feelings says “No way.”

F*ck Feelings is a practical self-help guide and the brainchild of Michael I. Bennett, M.D. (yes, a certified psychiatrist) and his daughter, Sarah Bennett (a certified comedy writer). In it, they suggest that the modern methods for dealing with life’s impossible problems (big and small) place unrealistic emphasis on resolving feelings.

Their alternative? Put doing good over feeling good and “respect what you do with your feelings, not what they do to you.” So even when you’re forced to live with powerful emotions like envy, anger, fear and disappointment, they needn’t distract you from your regular goals, like avoiding unnecessary conflict, making a living and being a good, decent human.

With chapters like “F*ck Self-Esteem,” “F*ck Serenity” and “F*ck Love,” the Bennetts offer up practical strategies and even helpful letter templates (“Dear Self/Spouse/Nut-Job Family Member”). Sure, profanity abounds, but there’s no shortage of thought-provoking, pragmatic advice--all delivered with a super-chill bent.

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