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It’s February, and at this point we’ve given up on 90 percent of the New Year’s resolutions we made. Bringing lunch to work every day? Not so much. Going to bed at a reasonable hour? Umm…

One resolution we have kept, though, is reading more. That’s because it’s easy when there are so many fantastic new books and articles. From DJ Khaled to Iran’s illegal underground ballet scene, there was no shortage of engrossing stories to devour this month.

And let’s face it, finishing one of these seven fantastic reads is way easier than making it to the gym four times a week.


If “Bonnie and Clyde” is your favorite movie...

Read about how Hollywood-style heists are pretty impossible to pull off in the digital age. (The Telegraph)


If “Footloose” is your favorite movie...

Read about the fascinating world of Iran’s illegal underground ballerinas. (Vice)


If you couldn’t get enough of last week’s Australian Open...

Read about the match-fixing scandals currently rocking the international tennis world. (BuzzFeed)


If you think caring for a newborn is hard...

Read about what it was like for one woman to be pregnant at the same exact time as her wife. (The Cut)


If you’re still not quite sure what “Bless up” means...

Read about the man behind the saying, the Internet’s favorite rapper/Snapchat star/motivational speaker, DJ Khaled. (Miami New Times)


If you’re a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world...

Read about the doll’s major, 57-years-in-the-making body makeover. (Time)


If Aunt Liz gave you another rice cooker this Christmas...

Read about what happens to all the gifts you return after the holidays. (Wired)

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