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No matter how great your job is, there are probably a few things about it that get on your nerves--whether it’s a boss with unreasonable expectations or a cubicle mate who types like he’s got a personal vendetta against his keyboard.

For Tina Fontana, the highly relatable protagonist in Camille Perri’s excellent debut novel, The Assistants, the dissatisfaction stems from wage inequality.

Thirty years old and struggling to pay off student loans, Tina is the executive assistant to the CEO of a major media company in New York City. She loves her boss (and the power he wields), but she has a hard time managing his over-the-top finances while barely making rent on her tiny Brooklyn apartment.

Then she realizes she can embezzle funds from the company to pay off her loans without anyone noticing. Foolproof, right? Wrong. Of course someone notices and gets involved and the whole scheme snowballs into a 21st-century Robin Hood scenario.

The story is quick and breezy (perfect for reading over a weekend), but also smart and funny. You’ll definitely find yourself weighing the pros and cons of becoming a criminal.

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