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You know those people who are inherently good at small talk? Us, too--and we’re kind of jealous. Luckily, with minimal legwork, you, too, can master the art of talking about anything--from in-depth dispatches from the world of competitive eating to reflections on the popular poem you’re almost certainly misinterpreting. Here, nine fantastic articles to get you started.


If you live and die by Yelp...

Read about the people who are using the site to review jails. (The Marshall Project)


If you are hungry...

Read about Anthony Bourdain?s unlikely stardom and where he?s going next. (Men?s Journal)


If you’re not hungry...

Read about the woman who’s taking the competitive-eating scene by storm. (Maxim)


If you threw tea parties with your stuffed animals...

Read about the future of children’s toys: artificially intelligent Barbies. (The New York Times)


If you think revenge is a dish best served covered in sprinkles...

Read about the ice-cream truck war that’s being waged in Salem, Oregon. (Epic)


If you think sushi is a dish best served with feminism...

Read about Japan?s first all-female sushi restaurant. (Broadly)


If you follow no fewer than six dogs on Instagram...

Read about the big business of being a famous canine on the Internet. (Racked)


If you’ve ever taken a high school English class...

Read about how you’re probably misinterpreting one of the most famous poems of all time. Hint: Robert Frost. (The Paris Review)


If you think your interests are weird...

Read about the bizarre online community that exists for the sole purpose of debating celebrities’ heights. (BuzzFeed)

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