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You know how when the weather gets colder, all you want to do on a lazy Saturday is curl up with a good book? Us, too. And books are great. Really, we love the things. But sometimes we want something that’s less of a time commitment but still entertaining and edifying. That’s where these nine spectacular articles from the past month come in. So grab a pumpkin-flavored anything, hop under a blanket and learn about personality tests, driving songs and incredibly powerful female singers.


If you’ve ever been confused or fascinated by weird Internet memes...

Read the history of the viral sensation “Ermahgerd” girl. (Vanity Fair)


If you’ve ever been disappointed by a highly rated movie...

Read about why you should be wary of the very skewed rating system used by popular sites like Fandango. (Five Thirty Eight)


If you just can’t get the new Drake song out of your head...

Read about what makes some songs utterly perfect for driving. (Grantland)

Devin Washburn

If you’re totally an INTJ...

Read this very long, very fascinating history of the Myers-Briggs personality test. (Digg)


If you have a favorite Spin instructor...

Read about the man who’s trying to turn his life around by biking 3,000 miles from coast to coast. (The New York Times)


If you need to be taken down a few pegs...

Read about the indomitable empire that Taylor Swift has built in her 25 years of life. (GQ)

Erik Madigan

If T-Swift is a little bubblegum for you...

Read a glorious profile of Nicki Minaj that ends in the rapper kicking the interviewer out of her hotel room. (The New York Times)

Stephen Doyle

If you’ve ever tried (or eHarmony or Christian Mingle)...

Read about how one woman’s foray into online dating got her sucked into a global crime plot. (Wired)

Gene Schiavone

If you wanted to be a ballerina when you grew up...

Read the super-inspiring story of Stella Abrera, the American Ballet Theater’s first Filipina-American principal dancer. (BuzzFeed)

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