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If you’ve ever worried that it’s too late for you to achieve fame and fortune (or even just a little recognition), we’d like to introduce you to Edith Pearlman.

A short-story writer whose first three collections were virtually unknown, Pearlman was 74 years old when her fourth book, Binocular Vision, took the literary world by storm, becoming a finalist for the National Book Award and winning the National Book Critics Circle award.

Everyone waited with bated breath to see if Pearlman, often compared to Alice Munro, could do it again.

Welp... she did.

Her new collection, Honeydew, is a sparse and beautiful look at the unusual twists that can shape the lives of ordinary people.

Here, the headmistress of a private school becomes unexpectedly pregnant by the father of a particularly troubled student. A New York City nanny and her employer both try to keep the family safe in their own ways. And a group of Somali women adjust to their new lives in Boston. Pearlman masterfully writes about human compassion, even in the most unlikely places. Her latest work has been worth the wait.

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