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You know when you’re at a cocktail party and there’s that one super-interesting person everyone is drawn to? News flash: That could be you.

All you have to do is read these incredible articles from the past month and dazzle your pals with your infinite knowledge on topics from rare medical conditions to “Cumberbitches.”

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If You’ve Ever Wondered Why Hospital Bracelets Exist...

Read the truly unbelievable story of two pairs of identical twins in Colombia who were raised as two pairs of fraternal twins. (The New York Times)

JulyArticles 3

If You Believe in Revenge of the Nerds...

Read about how two computer programmers ended up in the middle of a Dutch drug-trafficking ring. (Bloomberg Business)

JulyArticles 4

If You’re into Sorbet...

Read about the near-deification of the mango in China. (Lucky Peach)

JulyArticles 5

If You Don’t Know What “Bae” or “Snapchat” Means...

Read about a group of very average teenagers with massive social followings and get even more confused. (BuzzFeed)

JulyArticles 6

If You’ve Ever Said “I Feel Your Pain”...

Read about a doctor with a rare condition who physically can. (Pacific Standard)

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JulyArticles 8
articles california sunday

If You Think You’re Never Too Old for a Kids’ Movie...

Read about the fascinating culture of animation studios. (The California Sunday Magazine)


If You Count Cher Horowitz Among Your Idols...

Read a history of Clueless on its 20th anniversary. And then feel ancient. (Grantland)

JulyArticles 11

If You Remember What a Radio Is...

Read about sports call-in radio as “the cheapest form of therapy.” (Sportsnet)

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