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Love Feeling the Hair Stand Up on the Back of Your Neck?

Desperate narrators are keeping us guessing—and entertained—these days (cough, The Girl on the Train). In that spirit, here’s a new debut novel that will have you reading in wide-eyed suspense.

I'm Thinking of Ending Things is the story of an unnamed young woman’s road trip. She’s with her boyfriend, but they’re not chatting. She’s talking to us, the reader, in her mind during the drive. Simple, right? Not with the sense of unease and creepiness that’s soaked into every page.

There’s also a memory of her waking up to a man looking in her window, some mysterious phone calls and...well, it’s best not to say, because this is one of those stories best experienced without knowing too much.

Author Iain Reid’s energizing, bizarre and thoughtfully twisted tale will leave you stunned as you close the book. 

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