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Book club is a wonderful thing. It’s kinda like school…if school involved wine and didn’t give you anxiety attacks. The key to a good book club, though, is the people. The right mix is worth its weight in Goldfinches. And the wrong mix? Well, you could end up reading nothing but World War II memoirs. Here, the eight people every group needs.

book club pro

the pro

Maybe she works in publishing; maybe she’s a teacher. Either way, this lady knows her stuff. She probably wears super-chic glasses and can intelligently speak to any book you pick, as she somehow has an encyclopedic knowledge of every book published in the last 200 years.

book club girl crush

the one you have a girl crush on

She double majored in English lit and something else that sounds really smart, but she's super down to earth and asks the most thoughtful questions. You will constantly try to impress her with your in-depth but totally off-topic knowledge of 17th-century Latin American poetry.

book club chatty

the chatty kathy

To fill awkward silences, she'll ask questions like, But do you think Jane Eyre would’ve become an escort if she’d had a normal family life? This gal’s a complete expert at diffusing tension, as she can and will talk about literally anything to literally anyone. (Also, of course Jane wouldn’t have become an escort.)

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book club serious1

the serious one

Hey, someone’s gotta keep it moving. She’s the president of the PTA and delegates like a boss. She’s got a budget meeting right after this, so you better believe this analysis of Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest soul-searching jaunt will be over by 8 p.m.

book club not serious

the not-so-serious one

But someone’s gotta crack jokes about the impracticality of traversing the Pacific Ocean on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger. 

book club martha

the martha

Entertaining is her lifeblood, and that’s a very good thing. She’ll offer to host way more than she needs to, will always have the coldest wine and may or may not send you home with a Gatsby-themed Pinterest craft.

book club arguer

the arguer

Possibly a lawyer by trade, she’ll argue until the sun comes up. Sometimes (like when you’re reading the latest Zadie Smith), it’s kind of a pain. Others times (say, when discussing a snoozy section of Wild), you’ll appreciate her ability to pick a fight about almost anything.

book club mediator

the mediator

This one steps in when the lawyer goes overboard. She’s zen and always suggests self-help books and was probably a few minutes late because she couldn’t skip out on the best savasana of her life.

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