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Siblings are funny: One minute they’re your best friends and the next they’re the reason you put vodka in your morning coffee.

No one seems to understand that dichotomy better than the Plumb family in Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney’s excellent debut novel, The Nest.

The siblings in question are Leo, Melody, Jack and Bea. They are poised to receive $500,000 each from a trust (the titular “nest”) set up by their late father to be distributed when the youngest, Melody, turns 40--and the Plumbs have very specific plans for their pieces of the pie. From paying off secret debts to funding kids’ educations, they’re counting down the days until the funds are theirs.

That is until the charming and charismatic eldest sibling, Leo, makes a pretty major mistake that knocks down the sum each gets to just $50,000. (We know: Still sounds pretty nice!) Suddenly the younger siblings are thrown into a tailspin, figuring out how--and how quickly--they can get their screw-up brother to pay them back. And yes, over the course of the book it becomes less about the money and more about, you know, feelings.

Frequently funny, sometimes sad and highly relatable for anyone with a sibling or three, The Nest is a breeze to read and hugely entertaining. And hey, if it’s good enough to get a glowing review from our forever girl crush Amy Poehler…

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