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There are a billion baby books out there, all claiming to have the secrets to childrearing... and sleeping…and raising future Nobel laureates. The real secret? No one knows what the hell they're doing. But hopefully these books will help you start to get a handle on the wild and wonderful world of parenting.

“The Wonder Weeks”

Love timelines and order? Think you’re an ace at predicting the unpredictable? Then The Wonder Weeks is definitely for you. This one gives you everything you need to know, week to week, about your baby. (Why is she suddenly so fussy? Where did your perfect little sleeper disappear to?) Plus there's a nifty app for on-the-go “why is my 22-week-old rejecting the bottle?” questions.

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“The Happiest Baby on the Block”

People swear by Dr. Karp's “5 S's” (swaddle, side-stomach, shush, swing, suck) method of soothing for infants--and with good reason: It works! Karp's gentle approach to sleep is very appealing, and his smart stance on vaccines (Get them!) has us singing his praises.

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“Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child”

So you tried the shushing and the swinging and your little one still isn’t sleeping? Then you might be ready to take a tougher approach with Dr. Marc Weissbluth's hard-line tome. He's tweaked the original “cry-it-out” methods (but still encourages them) and really focuses on the importance of everyone getting sleep, not just the baby.

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“Bringing Up Bébé”

If you're a Francophile, or just looking for a fun read that makes parenting seem--gasp--doable, then you’re going to love this part memoir, part how-to guide for raising your kids à la française. Druckerman, an American living in Paris, found that French children were simply better behaved than their American counterparts. Here, she imparts some sensible tips--for instance, treating meals like family occasions--in the quest to help you not raise a brat.

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“Work. Pump. Repeat.”

Going back to work after baby is tough enough, then enter: the lactation room. Shortall makes a wonderful guide, sharing her wisdom on everything from what to do on a business trip to how to use coffee cups when you accidentally leave your bottles at home. A must for nursing, working moms.

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“Go The F**k to Sleep”

Yeah, yeah. By now this overnight best seller is old news. But once you're in the thick of it, you might be knocking Goodnight Moon to the ground and reaching for this irreverent bedtime story from time to time. Especially if all that shushing and swaddling never really took off!

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