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Dial In
You live, you learn.

You may have heard of Cheryl Strayed. You know, the woman behind the mega-successful, Oprah-endorsed, all-around kick-ass memoir Wild.

But what you might not know is that before all the fame and fortune, she was Sugar, the anonymous advice columnist for the literary website The Rumpus, where for years she doled out warm words for the “lost, lonely and heartsick.”

Strayed retired from the column in 2012. But, as she would say, chin up, sweet peas! She’s back, and this time in podcast form. Teaming up with the original Sugar, writer Steve Almond, she has taken to the airwaves for a weekly show, and we couldn’t be happier.

With Dear Sugar, Strayed changed the advice-column game forever, turning the lens back on herself in deeply personal, achingly empathic responses. (We demand that you check out Tiny Beautiful Things, a collection of those columns, which you might like even more than Wild.)

The podcast is no different. Strayed gets invested in her answers. In the first show, she answers a listener’s ambivalence about having a third child by calling her own husband and having a frank on-air conversation about their decision to stick with two.

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