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This Victorian Ladys Got Game

You think you know the usual stories of Victorian-era romance, where the heroine sets her sites on the best-born match then finally nabs him.

Guess again. In best-selling author Lisa Kleypas’s new Devil in Spring, the ambitious young lady turned inventor at the center of all the action couldn’t care less about being shackled to England’s most eligible bachelor. She’d rather finish the board game she’s developing and sell it. (Just like real-life Monopoly inventor Lizzie Magie.)

Trouble is, after she is discovered in a compromising situation with her swain, she has to marry him or risk being ostracized as a fallen woman. And in those days, that meant signing over her business—and her independence—to a man.

What’s a woman to do? This page-turner shows us that the choices between our career goals and our hearts didn’t just start in this century—or the last.

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