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The success of every Hitchcock film ever was built on three things: suspense, surprise and shock. The same could be said of The Lightkeepers, Abby Geni’s unnervingly fun new novel.

The book follows Miranda, a nature photographer who travels to the Farallon Islands, a real-life nature preserve located off the coast of San Francisco. There, she joins six biologists who are living in the island’s single cabin as they document the lurking animal inhabitants, which include a trio of female sharks, occasionally violent elephant seals and a terrifying bird population that requires the crew to wear hard hats.

But when Miranda is assaulted by one of the scientists--and a few days later, her assailant is found dead--she has to decide who poses the bigger threat: the bloodthirsty sharks…or the human companions she has come to know.

Murder mystery meets psychological thriller meets Darwinian ode in this compelling debut. Geni is a master of elegant plot twists, and her poignant payoff will leave you satisfied but also wanting a bit more time on the island.

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