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Listen, we love a good, long book as much as the next nerd. (Need proof? See here.) But sometimes we want to read something a bit shorter. You know, like an article.

Here, eight fabulous pieces from the past month that are worth a read--and won’t take you more than 25 minutes each.

longform articles 1
Franck Fife/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

If You Think You're Athletic...

Read this inspiring and tragic story about a Brazilian Olympic gymnast turned Olympic aerial skier who is fighting her way back from a devastating spinal-cord injury. (The New York Times)

longform articles 2
The Vorhees

If You Scream for Ice Cream...

Read about the tremendous effect the recent listeria outbreak is having on Blue Bell ice cream and the Texas town that relies on its success. (Texas Monthly)

longform articles 3
Hostgator M. Dotcom

If You're Too Scared to Get a Tattoo...

Read the upsetting story of a man who sold advertising space on his face on eBay. (Vice)

longform articles 4
Nicole Bengivino/The New York Times

If You're Into Ethics (or Manicures)...

Read a shocking exposé on NYC’s nail-salon industry, then take solace in the fact that they’re not all bad. (The New York Times)

longform articles 5
Macey J. Faronda/BuzzFeed News

If You Don't Think One Size Fits All...

Read about Tess Holliday, a model who’s challenging America’s standards of beauty. (BuzzFeed)

longform articles 6
Benjamin Lowy/Getty Images Reportage

If You're a Lover, Not a Fighter...

Read a fascinating profile of one of boxing’s most controversial figures, Floyd Mayweather Jr. (The New Yorker)

longform articles 7
Michael Schmelling

If Graduation Season Has You Feeling Nostalgic...

Read about the real teens of Silicon Valley, the prodigies forgoing college in favor of high-power, higher-pressure jobs in tech. (The California Sunday Magazine)

longform articles 8

If You're Anyone, Really...

Read this painful but necessary story about a seemingly perfect college student’s secret struggle and tragic death. (ESPN Magazine)

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