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Working out is hard. Finding the motivation to do so is even harder. But one thing that will always get us moving is the word “free”--especially when that comes in the form of Nike.

The sneaker juggernaut just launched an entirely customizable exercise program for New Yorkers to break a sweat, get expert training and take in the city sights all at the same time. It's admittedly a little tricky to navigate so we figured out the rundown for you.

nike nyc new 2

What is it?

Called “Summer of Sport,” the program gives New Yorkers a tailored fitness regimen to individual needs (read: without spending hundreds of dollars on a personal trainer).

nike nyc new 1

How do you sign up?

First, you need to create a Nike+ account if you don?t already have one (involving just basic info). Then choose three personal goals that you?d like to achieve--from getting leaner and toning up to training for a marathon and, hell, even learning to play soccer.

nike nyc trainer

When do you start working out?

The site will recommend a weekly workout schedule for you. For instance, you can sign up for a free Barry’s Bootcamp class one day and do drills on a soccer pitch (with skyline views) another day. It will also dish out suggestions for you to complete on your own time.

nike nyc central park 2

Love a group class. But what do the individual workouts entail?

One is what they call a “city challenge” at area landmarks (like running the Central Park softball bases) and the other is a short conditioning routine you can stream anywhere through the Nike Training Club app. (There are actually hundreds of free workout videos to choose from, so this just helps you decide.)

nike nyc huddle

Who is keeping me going?

Each Friday at noon, you’ll get an email with class recommendations and workout suggestions. But you can use also use the NTC app anytime to get coaching advice based on your set goals. You’re still have to strap on your sneaks and get out the door--but Nike-approved trainers (especially for zero dollars) can help nudge.

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