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Cleansing is everywhere these days. But how do you decide which one is best for you when the market is so crowded? We've done the research and found the best method for every kind of cleanser. 

blueprint cleanse

If you’re a traditionalist: Blueprint’s Excavation

The OG juice cleanse, Blueprint's most advanced program consists of six juices for either three or five days. The juices are totally palatable, but the sheer volume of liquid you'll consume is a little overwhelming. 

soupure cleanse

If you need something more filling: Soupure

If the idea of chugging a cold beverage for every meal sounds appalling, try Soupure's soup cleanse. Soups have more fiber and less sugar than juices yet are still easy for your body to break down. They're also really delicious.

bikini cleanse

If you’re going on vacation: Bikini Cleanse

Looking to slim down before slipping into a swimsuit? Try this seven-day program that helps you lose weight without skipping dinner. Eat two meals a day in addition to a protein shake, two lemonade-like drinks and a cup of detox tea. 

clean cleanse

If you’re in it for the long haul: Clean

This cleanse, which can last seven or 21 days, includes dietary supplements, probiotics, shake packets and recipes for complete meals. Its purpose isn't to help you lose weight quickly but to reset and rejuvenate your body's digestive process. 

master cleanse

If you wanna be Bey (circa “Dreamgirls”): The Master Cleanse

Lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, water. That's all you need for the Master Cleanse, a go-to of everyone's favorite icon. Not for the faint of heart, this plan totally lacks variety and can be hard to choke down. On the plus side, it's super cheap. 

vegan cleanse

If you wanna be Bey (circa “Flawless”): 22 Days Nutrition

Remember when Beyoncé and Jay-Z went vegan for a hot second? Now you can get in on the action with this 22-day meal-delivery system, developed by her nutritionist. 

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