What Kind of Drunk are You?

According to science, there are four different types

News flash: A recent study from the University of Missouri says that some people change their personalities more dramatically than others while drunk. But here’s the clincher: This same study found that there are actually four different types of drunks--and they’re all based on famous literary characters we know and love. 

What’s your type? Take our quiz below to find out.

Question 1

After a few cocktails at the company summer outing, your coworkers are most likely to find you:

A) Chatting up the CEO and running through the details of a new deal you’re about to secure
B) Snapping Instagram selfies with your cube-mate...and your boss...and the cute bartender
C) Scowling and cursing the terrible food--at a table by yourself
D) Dancing...even though the music stopped

Question 2

You and your pals are sipping two-for-one sangria at your neighborhood happy hour, when you realize: It’s karaoke Tuesday! You react by:

A) Giggling through “Love Shack” with your friends, just like you always do
B) Inviting a handsome stranger to play John Travolta to your Olivia Newton-John
C) Insisting that your night has been ruined--then disappearing to the bathroom to blog about it
D) Belting out “Paradise City” a falsetto...from the top of the bar

Question 3

Aw, your best friend is getting married! And after a few swigs--er, glasses--of Champagne, you get to make the toast. You:

A) Deliver a heartfelt tribute to your friendship, exactly how you rehearsed it
B) Get super emotional, dabbing away tears and going way, way off-script
C) Manage to mumble a few kind words...before storming off-stage and hate-texting your asshole ex
D) Pause frequently just to give a shout-out to your new pals at table 8

Question 4

What? It’s last call, already? You’re:

A) Placing an order for another dirty martini--extra dry--while really getting into it about the presidential race
B) So busy gushing to your friends about the best night ever that you don’t even notice
C) Getting tossed out for general belligerence by the bartender, but it’s perfect timing since you’ve always hated this bar anyway
D) Swapping numbers with your new besties so you can hit up the farmers’ market with them tomorrow at 8 a.m.

If You Answered Mostly A's

You’re an Ernest Hemingway, which means you’re pretty much the same drunk as you are sober. According to the study, the largest amount of drinkers--about 40 percent--fall within this group.

If You Answered Mostly B's

You’re a Mary Poppins--aka “practically perfect in every way.” You get sweeter and happier and even more outgoing than you already are.

If You Answered Mostly C's

You’re a Mr. Hyde, which basically means you reveal an alternate personality that’s “less responsible, less intellectual and more hostile” under the influence of booze.

If You Answered Mostly D's

You’re a Nutty Professor. You shed your introverted self with vigor and become a social butterfly as soon as you hit the sauce.