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We Discovered the Secret to Most Supermodels Bodies

If you keep up with niche fitness trends (or read PureWow New York), boxing may already be on your radar. If you don't, just know this: Pretty much every Victoria’s Secret model throws punches as part of her workout routine.

But the genetically gifted aren’t the only ones who can take advantage. Here’s everything you need to know about stepping into the ring for yourself.

Who does it? Notably, Adriana Lima and Floyd Mayweather. Less notably, everyday ladies in search of a full-body workout--and especially those tightly wound stress balls in search of a release.

Why is it so popular? Boxing works your body and your brain. Combinations gradually get trickier, giving you a mental workout (in addition to the heart-pumping one) that’s seriously addictive. It’s also super empowering.

What are the benefits? Boxing is a combination of cardio and strength training, so you’re working toward long, lean muscles and increased endurance. Plus, you’ll see results quickly. A single hour-long workout could burn up to 1,000 calories.

What’s a class like? Expect punching combinations (jabs, uppercuts and the like) and bodyweight exercises like burpees, jump squats and a whole lot of ab work. At some gyms there’s also the possibility of real-life sparing, but in a beginner class you’ll probably stick to a weighted punching bag. (And it’s normal to actually never touch another human.)

Where can I do it? Either at your local gym with a personal trainer (or, if you’re lucky, in a provided class) or at specialized boxing gyms like Prevail (L.A.), Shadowbox (NYC), Title (around the country) and UFC Gyms (around the country).

Commence floating like butterflies, stinging like bees and looking thismuch closer to Adriana Lima.

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