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When you fall for a new cardio class, it’s like you’ve found the key to lifelong fitness. I could do this every day…forever! you think as sweat streams down your face. But it always gets old.

Not so for SoulCycle, say the legions of diehards who can’t get enough of the indoor cycling class.

Founded in New York’s West Village in 2006 by Elizabeth Cutler (a Chicago native) and Julie Rice, SoulCycle is opening its first Windy City location today in Old Town.

So how’s it different from the cycling class at your gym?

Expect to pedal in near darkness with spa-like candlelight and serious pep talks from the instructors--and not just about tightening your glutes. They’ll also encourage you to set an intention at the beginning of class, focusing on a personal goal or vowing to let go of whatever’s stressing you out. (Classes are $30 each; RSVP for a free PureWow class on April 21.)

And instead of competing against classmates, the SoulCycle vibe is a pack mentality that’ll have you feeding off the positive energy from everyone else in the room.

There’s a reason Katie Holmes, Lady Gaga and Lena Dunham are all part of the cult. It’s not just a workout…it’s a ride.

RSVP to for a free class on April 21 at 9:45 a.m. SoulCycle, 1225 N. Wells St.; 312-951-7685 or

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